Thursday, July 1, 2010

More About The Girls!

Well,  I called my FPC today to see if she could write me a letter for my Human Resources Department at work.   In order to take the week off as FMLA I need a letter stating that the week we have the girls for respite is a pre-adoptive trial where time for bonding is needed.   My HR Dept. is flexible for the most part, but they need documentation at the same time to back up them, and protect my rights. 

While I was on the phone I asked for some more details on the situation, I didn't want to keep her on the line too long though.  Basically, as it stands, the girls are almost TPR'd.   Their mom's rights are already TPR'd but Grandma petitioned for custody at the last hearing.  Thankfully, the judge denied it.  Now they have to wait to see if she will file an appeal or if they can move on in the process.  Either way, my FPC said she is 99.9% confident Grandma WILL NOT get custody. 

So I told my FPC that we're happy to take the girls even sooner if that works for them.  She is going to have their Case Worker call me to see what we can work out.  For now though, we will see them in about a month.

My husband is so funny though!  Yesterday afternoon he, my sister, and I went to see "Grown Ups", it is HILARIOUS!  During the movie he leaned over and said, "I Googled hair relaxers today".   I thought it was really cute!   

He called his mom last night, and she seems supportive.  My in-laws live in Upstate (close-minded) New York.   She voiced her natural concerns for the kids, but at the end of the day, she knows parents don't get much better than us.  She also knows that there are not many African American families that foster in our area. 

Thankfully, in the end, the people that need to worry most about the stares etc. are my husband and I, and I couldn't give a rats @$$ what other people think!   As long as those girls are happy and healthy, THAT is what matters.  

So I hopefully will get to meet them sooner than August 7th, but if not, I will be counting down the days until then!

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