Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's in a name? Plus pics!

I really wish I could share Sunshine the 4 year old's name!  Let me just put it simply... she has a very bad name for a 4 year old!  She is named after an alcoholic beverage/liqueur.   It is AWFUL!  Thankfully, she has a shortened nickname that is common and fitting for her.  We will be legally changing her first name to her nickname. 

During the "tantrum" I couldn't even bare to utter her full name because it is embarrassing! 

So, you luck followers get to see many "face-less" pics thanks to the girls being obsessed with the camera, yet having no direction or angle on the pictures they take!  :)


Hurdles of Life said...

too cute!!

Michelle said...

we are hoping to change names too :)