Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flexible Jobs and Being A Mom!

It's difficult to find a "work from home" job, and even more difficult to work a rigid schedule with two kids (plus my nieces means 4).  In the fall of 2012, I was looking to enter back into the work force, but one thing after another kept me from doing so.  Finally, earlier this year I chose to homeschool, which meant working outside of the home was not possible! 

In February, a close fellow adoptive parent friend of mine added me to a group on her Facebook where she was showing these amazing before and after photos of people!  I'm a skeptic, so I just watched, googled, youtubed, watched... then finally, I took the leap and joined into the fun! 

I started my CRAZY WRAP business through It Works! Global, Inc. in mid-February, and I haven't regretted it or looked back!  I make my own hours, I meet new people, I HELP people transform their health and wealth... and I reap the benefits both physically and fiscally!  :) 

Here are my before/after pictures from my stomach and legs.  So excited to share the changes in my body.  If you're interested comments are welcome.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homeschool, New Job, Extra Family... OH MY!

Where to begin.  So much seems to happen between blogging.  I've really slacked, and I need to get back into the swing of updating you all.  So apologies in advance. 

Let's start with Extra Family!   So I'm sure you will recall about a year ago I posted that they girls had a new baby sister born and placed with their younger brother's adoptive family.  She is now adopted too by them!  She is just the sweetest baby.  A glimpse of how life could have been different for my girls if they weren't victims of horrible circumstance.  Then in November of 2012, my sister and her three children relocated here to NC to live with us.  It was an adjustment, but we love being one big family.  The girls had a tough time at first, but then realized they get to have cousins to play with, and they have since gotten used to our bigger family dynamic.  We are presently in the process of building a larger house so all of the kids can have their own bedrooms. 

Moving on to Homeschool.  We chose to bring the girls home and school them.  After feeling like I was medicating MK just to get her through the school day and Layla was lacking the one-on-one attention she needed in some areas, we chose to homeschool instead.  It's really going great and the attachment aspect of it has been wonderful for the girls.  We spend time with several local homeschool groups and we love doing co-op classes.  Then we also explore and learn on our own.  It's very nice to make our own schedule. 

I started my own business working from home and I am a distributor for It Works! Global.  I LOVE THIS COMPANY!  We carry natural supplements for weight loss and health support.  Plus we carry these AWESOME wraps that can aid you in losing inches, tightening, toning, and firming in those trouble areas.  I use the products myself and I'm just beyond thrilled with my results.  After years of struggling in the weight loss department... I feel so empowered.  Here are some of my results and some updated pictures of the girls!  If you're interested in learning more about the wraps you can check out my facebook page  Wrapped Slim Facebook Group or My Company Site for Wrapped Slim!

 After one wrap

 After two wraps