Monday, July 19, 2010

We Have a Move In Date!

Wow… where do I begin.

These girls are definitely our girls! Cinderella is really a dream child. Very laid back, well spoken, calm and gathered, and just goes with the flow. She listens very well, and is very smart!

Sunshine, well, she is just as bright as the sun in the sky! She’s bursting with energy, but she knows how to keep it in check and relax too.

For the first time since becoming foster parents, we had a very fun weekend! When I put the girls to bed, I wasn’t exhausted; I was actually excited to see them the next morning.

They slept 8-9 hours and eased themselves into the day instead of waking up ready to hit the ground running!

We just couldn’t be more pleased with these girls. They’re very well adjusted and they demonstrated healthy “normal” behaviors!

So the plan is that we will take them as we wish over the next few weeks. Their foster mom is amazing and is very much encouraging our relationship with the girls. Then August 7-14th they will be with us for a one week respite (which was already planned). As long as that week goes well (which we know it will) then the girls will be moving in fulltime August 17th!

We are SOOOOO excited!

Grandma is probably going to appeal for custody, but DFS seems confident that it would take a perfect storm for her to get the girls. G-MA has a CPS charge in Maryland that she went to court there and appealed and won because no one from DFS appeared in court. So MD is appealing that now, if the charge is re-instated, then this is a closed case and the girls can be adopted, otherwise we have to wait for appeals court here in VA.

They feel there is no need to wait 6-9 more months for court, when we could get our 6 month trial placement out of the way and be able to adopt next year. So yes, there is a legal risk, but we know these girls can experience a lot in the next 6-9 months with us that they wouldn’t get to in their current foster home due to there being many other kids with them.

I will keep everyone posted as things progress.


Hurdles of Life said...

yipee skippe!!

Jenn said...

Hi, I've been following your blog since I saw it on a foster care forum. We are fp's in Wa. I'm so happy for you all!! We will keep you in our prayers as you bring your girls home :)

Michelle said...

How exciting!!!!

Rachelle said...

Wow! How fast from meeting to move it. It was meant to be!

Rachelle said...

Wow! So soon from meeting to moving in. It was meant to be!