Friday, July 16, 2010

Bursting With Excitement!

I am SO excited we get to see the girls again today!  3:30 can't come fast enough.   I am going to leave work at noon so that I can go home and straighten up the house a little bit.  Thankfully, there is not much to do!  I set up Sunshine's room last night, and today I just need to sweep and make the bed in Cinderella's room.  I (well my sister) washed all of their sheets and blankets.   We went shopping and bought them both outfits and panties last night.  You can't ever have too many pairs of panties! 

I can't wait for them to come!!!!  I also can't wait to meet their Case Worker.  She is meeting us at the house so that she can get to know both my husband and I.  

I hope the girls are as excited as we are!

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