Friday, July 2, 2010

More Info Pouring In!

I am continuing to get more and more info on the girls.  So they are almost 4 and 5.  The four year old is apparently a HAND FULL!  She has been thrown out of daycare.  My FPC thinks most of her behavior issues are just from wanting attention, we will be in therapy none the less!

So we have a new tentative plan to have the girls in two weekends from now, and see how that goes.  Our worker said if it goes well, she doesn't see a reason for them to return to their current foster home.  The foster family wants them to be with us before school anyway because they will be in Pre-K and Kindergarten this fall.  

So I am pretty much JUMPING WITH JOY!   We have a long road ahead, I know!  The nice thing though is that we are kid free, we don't have our own birthchildren to worry about too.  We can focus 100% on these girls and their needs. 


Colleen said...

I have to just tell you how excited I am for you and to be able to follow along. :) I know you don't know me but your blog is kind of an inspiration to me that our IF journey can end with a positive through fostering. It is so nice to know that option is there.

QuackenBaby said...

Thank you so much Colleen! It really is amazing. There are many foster families who end up adopting babies, but we wanted old children. I wish you tons of success either direction! :)