Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dog On It!

Well, our sweet little Brooke injured her Cruciate Ligament in her rear left leg.  I noticed Thursday afternoon she was not bearing any weight on it but she didn't seem to be in pain after I manipulated and felt her leg.   Friday morning we took her to the vet.  After sedation and an X-ray the vet said he thinks it is just a sprain, and hopefully some anti-inflammatory medication would help us avoid surgery.   So, $336 later, and Brooke appears to be on the mend.   Hopefully, we can avoid the $2,000 surgery. 

With that said, we ended up not taking the girls this weekend to give Brooke the best chance at healing.  The girls are fine with her, but she loves them so much, she follows them everywhere and wants to climb into their laps, and we have to limit her mobility for the next 10 days to give things time to heal. 

(this is a family friend w/ Brookie)

So Tuesday we will be taking the girls to dinner.  Then Friday, the girls are coming for their "respite" stay from Friday August 6-August 15.   Then they will go back to their foster mom's for their social worker to move them full time to our house August 17th! 

I miss them already, and wish we could have spent time together this weekend.  They will be here soon enough full time though, so I guess we should enjoy this tiny break we have.


Lindsay said...

I REALLY hope you can avoid the surgery too, which in NOVA costs $4000-5000, and which Layla has had done to both her back legs. Its no fun at all!

Good luck to you and your puppy!!

QuackenBaby said...

Lindsay, she already seems MUCH better. We're trying to avoid her bearing weight even though she wants to. I want to give it plenty of room to heal!