Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm beyond words.

I just read this story on and it literally made me want to vomit.

I just can't for the life of me, understand why ANYONE would ever do something this brutal to any child, better yet a 4 year old.

As foster parents, we know that children control what they can control and one of those things is their bodily functions. I would guess in this case, this little boy wet his pants due to abuse that already exsisted.

I'm pretty speechless, and I hope Michigan has the death penalty!

Poor little angel. You're in a safe place now. How sad that your last hours here on Earth we're painful and tortured.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the wait begins...

This Thursday is going to be a bit sad for us. For the last two and a half months we’ve been in PRIDE training every Thursday. This week though, we’re finished and waiting for our first placement to come along. We’re really in no rush, but we’re here with open arms whenever it happens. We’ve been going on motorcycle rides and we’ve planned some trips to local vineyards throughout the month.

I found an amazing site this week with podcasts for and about foster parenting. There are podcasts from new foster parents and experienced parents. I like the Q&A’s that they do, as well as some of the more specific shows about abuse, attachment, etc.

The couple that is new to fostering is located in Michigan where there is a huge need at the current time. They seem to be getting many calls for babies and younger children.

Their site is:

The podcasts made me want to focus more on WHY we want to be foster parents.

I will be honest, when we started this process, we just wanted to “have a kid”. Now after training and reading various books, my view points have really changed.

Over all, we have had a lot of support from our family and friends, all have voiced their concerns, both positive and negative. The biggest thing we get asked is about becoming “too attached”. I am certain this is common for anyone considering becoming a foster parent. My answer, as I am sure my husband’s is, is yes, we probably will get “too” attached. That, in my eyes, is what being a good foster parent is about. If I can’t become attached to the child, how can I expect them to become attached to me? If the concurrent planning means that we are called on to adopt the child, how can I expect to parent a child that I am not attached to for the rest of their life?

The negatives are usually surrounding the children, their pasts, the unknowns, etc. To those people, I usually respond by saying “They and I don’t have any control over that, all I can do is love them and show them that there are good, loving, people in this world that will care for them.” Which is EXACTLY how I feel.

I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcasts, I think that anyone considering or currently acting as a foster parent, should certainly listen!

That’s all for now… maybe the phone will ring soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This was a terrible roller coaster of a month. I think that maybe it was a test to see how well I do under stress… I’m not sure who gets the results, but I would appreciate if they could give me notice or warning before the next test.

So my husband lost his job abruptly and the job hunt lasted much longer that it ever had in the past (thank you awful economy). Thankfully though he starts a new contract position on Monday, and he is also interviewing for a few other full time positions in the mean time.

As for our journey to becoming foster parents, well I feel like I can finally get excited again. For a few weeks there, we thought that we may have to relocate out of state to make money. Now that he will be employed locally, we can concentrate back on our efforts to foster.

Tonight is our final PRIDE class. Hopefully we will get a placement soon. We really want to adopt, but for now we’re open to foster only placements.

Hopefully I will be posting about our first placement soon and a FULL TIME job for my husband!