Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guess What We're Doing Tonight???

WoW! What a morning. So I wrote the girls case worker last night to tell her we can’t wait to meet them, and to see what their educational needs were so that we could get that process going.

As I have found out, DFS is AWFUL with giving accurate ages. So the girls are actually 6 and 4. The oldest will be in First Grade this fall, and the youngest will be going to Pre-K. Technically, she could go to Kindergarten, but she isn’t ready yet.

They are girlie girls. They like to paint their nails, and do their hair, and wear cute clothes, which is just a delight for me to hear.

I SO wish I could put their names on my blog, but I can’t, so we will be coming up with a couple of very cute nicknames.

On to the exciting news…. WE GET TO MEET THEM TONIGHT!!!! They fostermom and CW want us to meet them before the weekend so they will know us and feel comfortable coming to our house. This makes me so happy because I am dying to see them!

Then they will come Friday afternoon to stay for the weekend. Hopefully it will be a good fit for everyone.

More news to come later tonight after we meet the girls.


Lindsay said...

Aww, I am SO excited for you!! I know you are dying to meet them, and I can't wait to hear how it goes! Good luck, I know they will love you as much as you will love them.

Kate said...

Hope everything goes well tonight!

Barb said...

How exciting. Just as a bit of a heads up, don't be totally shocked if the "respite" weekend turns into the "move-in", that's what they did with our younger set of boys. They were supposed to be respite for the weekend, and Monday morning I get a call to discuss how things went, and was told "well since things went so well, no sense in uprooting them again" and they've been here ever since (that was 1997, lol).

QuackenBaby said...


I think that if the weekend goes as well as we expect it to, we will WANT them to stay. Their foster mom said whatever their CW and us want to do is fine with her! :) So hopefully if not this coming week, the following week they can move in.