Friday, October 14, 2011

What Is Track-in/out?

A reader of my blog asked:

"...What do you mean by "track out of school". Thanks."

In our school district we have two types of schools:

Traditional:  You attend school from August/September to June with breaks for the holidays and then the summer off.

Year Round:  This schedule runs on a track system.  There are 4 different tracks that at any given time may be in session (tracked in) or out of session (tracked out).   Our daughters attend Track 1 for their classes.  This means they start their school year just after the 4th of July, then they are in class until mid-September when they "track out" (have a break) for the rest of September.  They go back to school the first week of October, then they are "tracked in" (in class) until December.   They are "tracked out" the entire month of December, and "track in" after the New Year's holiday.   Then they are back in school until March where they are also off for the first 3 weeks of the month.   Then we go back until June, and they track out the first part of June until July when their new school year will begin.

They also observe typical holidays, like Thanksgiving etc.

Here is a link to a year-round calendar: Track Calendar

We personally LOVE the track schedule.  It allows us to have a little time with the kids throughout the year, plus it provides us with the chance to vacation off-season at places like Orlando, the beach etc.

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