Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess Who's 7 Year Old Wets The Bed????

NOT MINE!  :)    About two weeks ago, the straw finally broke this camel's back.  MK went to bed at 7:00, and I entered her room at 10:00 to wake her up for her nightly pee, and she was half-awake laying in a big puddle of her own urine.  I'D HAD ENOUGH!  Since we've already covered the "Lazy Pee" issue in the past, and it has continued over time, I was DONE.  In my eyes, it was no longer that she COULDN'T wake and go to the potty, it was that she DIDN'T wake and go to the potty.  She woke, went in the bed, and proceeded to lay in it.  Typically, I am empathetic, but it had grown increasing obvious that this was just her choosing to wet the bed. 

So I call my husband, and MK (for the first time) was forced to make her own bed, take her own bath, and put on fresh PJs.  I heard all about what a mean mom I am.  She stomped, cryed, screamed, flustered over trying to make her bed (which for the record she has done before).  She stood in her floor screaming, "All you ever do is work me, work me, work me... we'll it is NOT my job to make this bed, do you hear me?  Get in here an make this bed mommy.... you are stupid... and I don't have to make my bed..." 

Finally after about 10 minutes of that non-sense, I walked across the hall, looked in at her standing naked in the middle of her room crying and I said in a sweet calm voice, "You don't have to make your bed honey, but if it's not made, you can't sleep in it, so I hope you don't mind the floor."  

About 30 minutes later, I rallied the dogs to bark and took them outside.  I walked by her room, she was sitting on the bed, fully made, smiling, and she goes, "Look mommy!  I did it!"  I smiled and said, "Now go back to bed."

While all of that was going on, my husband was ordering a urine monitor on Amazon.  It is made by Malem.  It clips to her gown, and has a cord that runs down with a sensor on the end, we clip it to her panties.  She LOVES this thing.  If she were to pee, it would vibrate and make a sound. 

Here is a video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7AEh5OvcZ0

We've never had to hear the sound... because for two weeks... SHE HASN'T WET THE BED!!!   Our version sounds and vibrates.  Some models don't.   It was the best $100 we've ever spent, and I think it makes her feel more in control. 

I highly recommend it for any of you with bed-wetters! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

We Got A Note Home!

And it said, "MK is just such a cool kid.  I really enjoy her so much!"  :)

We had a good weekend.  Yesterday we did an in-home family photo shoot thanks to our friends and their new portable studio.  It was fun and I can't wait to see the pictures! 

I started a new anti-depressant (Celexa) and my doctor also gave me Ativan to take as needed.  It's made a HUGE difference.  The Welbutrin gave me the extreme aggitation and irritability side effect.  We had a rough couple of weeks between me being crazy, triggering the girls being crazy, and my husband being away for work and unable to step in and back me up.  No one was injured... so we weathered the storm alright... but it was rocky for sure. 

Now I feel MUCH better.  I actually enjoyed my time with the girls this weekend.  Lots of cuddling and hanging out.  We wandered around on Saturday, just drove until we came to something interesting.  That landed us in Paint Bank, VA at a Fish Hatchery and then we had lunch at The Swinging Bridge.  It was just a really good day.  One of the more enjoyable days we've had in the last month.  I had my girls and my husband and I was happy! 

We're close to finalizing.  Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be done.  School is out on June 9th, and I am so happy to get to live under one roof again! 

Here is a picture of the new house.  We're renting for a year and then buying once we know the area better (and get our FAT adoption tax credit refund!)  :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The "D" Word

Last night I made the girls take baths.  Layla had to potty while MK was in the tub.  MK comes out of the bathroom and goes, "Mommy, Layla smacked my butt and called me the D word."   I went through the "D" words, damn, douchebag, etc.  I wasn't sure.  So I said, "What D word did she call you?"   MK goes, "DUMMY!" 

It was funny.  I laughed out loud.  She was still upset, but considering the names she will be called through life, I told her dummy would be the least of her worries.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So How Was Mother's Day?!?

Well, I am happy to say my kids were GREAT!  They bought me roses, made me cards with words of love and kindness, and tried to stay out of my hair for the day.  My AWESOME husband let me sleep in until almost 11:00, even though he was only home for the weekend and was tired himself from traveling home, Mawmaw's funeral, and listening to me talk about my crazy family!

My girls made me really proud.  The cards I received from MK read:

1)  I love you The mom how (who) I was dreaming to have in my heart You are pretty.

2)  Your helpful to me. You make my heart feel happy. I love you so much!

3) Dear Mother, Thank you for cooking good food for me. Love, MK

4)  I love my mom because she protecks (protects) me and keeps me safe. She feeds me. She stays with me. She will help me when I feel sad. She gives me hugs and kisses. I love my mommy. (From MK)

So needless to say, #4 made me cry a little.  Hopefully things continue as well as they are right now.  I've been on edge since my husband is gone all week, but I am trying hard to keep my patience.  IT IS HARD!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Signed, Sealed, then Delivered!

We signed the Petition to Adopt that the Lawyer needs to present to the courts. 

My Mawmaw passed away yesterday... suddenly... but she had been very sick for the last few years.  She is in a better place!  She never had to suffer in a nursing home, she never lost her abilities to walk, see, hear, etc.   She suffered from Sj√∂gren's syndrome more of her life than not.  It basically attacks your glands.  She produced little siliva, tears, sweat, and it caused her many health problems in the final stages.  Her throat was so dry she couldn't eat.  It was very sad. 

This is the eulogy I wrote.  My Pawpaw said I could speak at the funeral.  Hopefully the pastor can fit me into his sermon etc.  I don't really care for their pastor... Mawmaw didn't either but Pawpaw refused to change churches.  If I don't get to read it, it will be ok.  Writing it flooded me with memories of my childhood and although I am not really a "mourner" kind of person, I think it was my way to mourning and moving on.  I am a realist.  I know she's in a better place and I am happy she didn't have to suffer in pain for years to come. 

Love you Mawmaw!  If there is a Heaven, I know you're hugging all of those you loved here on Earth.

When we were kids we spent so much time at Mawmaw’s house.  She was the person that a gift to all of the kids on your birthday so no one would feel left out.  She took us to gospel sings, showed us off to all of her friends, and always made sure we had everything we needed.

As we got older we spent every summer living at Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s house.  She took us shopping for school clothes, cooked us her spaghetti and my favorite Salmon patties, and even though it was bed time, you couldn’t get to sleep because Mawmaw would check on you to make sure you were warm and had enough pillows.  I remember in those summers Pawpaw would leave for work and I would go lay in his spot just to spend time with her before the other kids woke up.  We would watch soap operas and just lounge around for the morning.  

Then we became adults.  When we needed a bed and a meal Mawmaw’s door was always open.  Some of us stayed a few days, others a few years, but Mawmaw always knew how to make us feel right at home.  

She had a big heart.  It was her strength and her weakness at times.  She was a giving and caring person that was loved by so many wonderful people.  She loved her kids, grand kids, and great grand kids just the way a Mawmaw should... unconditionally.

My husband and I are adopting two little girls, and even though she only knew them for a short time, she WAS their Mawmaw.  She showed off their pictures and never made them feel any less than family.  

I think the thing I will miss the most about Mawmaw is her voicemails.  They weren’t messages, they were one sided conversations, but as much as we giggled over the years at the long messages she left, I am very sad today that I won’t get to hear her voicemails again.  

We love you Mawmaw and I know you are hugging Cathy and rejoicing over your reunification with her!  Her home is decorated with angels, and now she is one.