Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tons of Laughs!

The little girl we have for respite is just adorable!  She is SO smart!  She's in kindergarten (going to first) and she can read everything!   We've had some great quotes already.

She called her mom while we were cutting one of the dogs hair and said, "We're cutting Gizmo's hair, well, I'm not the mom is!"

Then my husband had watered the plants out front and she thought it was raining, then she was confused why it would be raining in the front and not the back.  She said, "The Dad tricked me!"  

Then she asked if she could go outside with "the dad".   

I am so happy she took to my husband so quickly.  Her mom warned me that she normally does not like men at all.  

This morning she was describing the family tree to me.  She said, "my foster sister doesn't look like me, she has brown skin, I think she came from a foreign country, but I love her, she speaks 5 languages!"

We're cracking up at the funny things she comes up with!  I am crossing my fingers our girls will be this funny. 

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