Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Po-Po

We live near a police officer that parks his car in his driveway when he's off.  So we drive by and my 6 year old says, "Mommy, someone's getting arrested!"  I tell her no, that is where a police man lives.

She thinks for a minute and says, "Police don't live in houses, they live in apartments".  I then tell her, no police can live where ever they want to.  

Then she says, "NO MOMMY!  Policemen live at the Police Apartment!"

Then I laughed so hard I about peed myself! 


And then there were 5..... said...

This literally made me LoL. I had to share it with my husband. Oh from the mouth of babes!

LittleOne said...

It literally made me lol, too! So cute!