Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Weekend!

Long in the sense of extended that is!  We have had a great weekend.  Little Miss made it through the fireworks last night but she was extremely tired!  I was too.  

Honestly, she has been a ton of fun, my four dogs on the other hand have been CRAZY!  They've been up barking for the last two mornings around 5:00am.  Normally, I take them out at about 6:15.  It's hard enough having to get up and tend to them, but they wake her up, and then we're stuck tending to her well before her normal wake-up time.  

I have a feeling we will be having nap time later today.  She tends to melt down when she's tired, so I am sure I will know when it's time to nap. 

Yesterday we went to the lake.  We had a great time.  Her fostermom warned me that she doesn't like men, and she was worried she wouldn't like my husband, but she LOVES him.  She calls him dad and me mommy, it's weird because she's only been here a few days, but at the same time, she chose to call us that, so we're just leaving the names up to her. 

Tomorrow I am back to work and she is off to daycare for the rest of the week.  That will only leave us with about 3-4 hours in the afternoon before bed time, but we will enjoy every minute! 

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Lindsay said...

I've been out of town for the past several days, so I'm just catching up on your posts, but I am SO excited for you! I can't wait for you to meet the girls, and I hope it goes well!