Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Meeting Was AWESOME!

Well, I know most people that follow this blog saw this info in message boards and/or e-mails, but I figured I should update everyone on the visit.

We had just the greatest time meeting the girls last night. We stayed almost three hours (that flew by). They did my hair, climbed all over us, hugged us, wanted us to pick them up and carry them. They we’re just too cute.

We enjoyed getting to meet their current foster parents too. They’re an older couple who have been at this point many times before. They’ve adopted many children, and fostered many more! They feel like these girls need a family of their own, where they have younger parents. We’re elated that they feel that way!

The girls are both very smart, well spoken, and adjusted. Many children in foster care are not as well adjusted as them.

So they picked their own nicknames and they are Cinderella (6 yr old) and Sunshine (4 yr old).

Cinderella loves to do girlie things like shop, have her hair done, painting her nails, and playing with dolls. She also enjoys basketball and getting dirty though. She is 6, but very tall for her age. I would guess she will get to about my height, I am 5’11. She wears 10’s in girl’s clothes!  She has a sweet round face, and a cute little smile with a few teeth coming and going! My husband took to her quickly. She will be in 1st Grade. Kindergarten went very well for her, but she is very talkative, which caused her to get in trouble here and there. (FYI, my mom would have NO IDEA what it is like to have a 1st grader that talks to much! LOL)

Sunshine has the most radiant smile I’ve ever seen on a four year old. She has beautiful big brown eyes. She is 100% girl. I can tell that she will be a mommy’s girl. She wanted to hug me and for me to carry her! She knows her ABC’s and a lot about animals. She will be in Pre-K this fall. She also loves clothes, dolls, shopping, and she LOVED doing my hair.

They did my hair for about two hours. Braids, wetting the comb to give me “highlights”, they even pretended to shampoo it. It was the best scalp massage I’ve ever had! 

All in all the evening went better than we could have imagined. They were ready to come home with us.

We gave them pictures of our dogs, and they treasured them. It was so sweet.

We know they will love the dogs, because their foster family has 13 dogs. Our four should seem like a breeze!

That’s all for today! More to come this weekend. If you want pics, I can email them. Just message me!

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The Momma said...

Awww! How awesome, glad the meeting went so well!! They sound precious!