Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Days of Fun and Family!

This week end should be fun! The girls are coming tonight around 9:00 to spend a few nights with us. My dad is in town for about 48 hours to pick up my little sister and take her back to Florida. Tonight for dinner we’re all going out for sushi at our FAVORITE sushi restaurant. I can’t wait!

I took off work Thursday and Friday and that will begin my FMLA leave. Thursday we plan to spend the day with “Poppy” and go to the movies, shopping, and just hang out so the girls can get to know our family. Then Friday, my dad and sister fly out around noon, so weather permitting, I am planning to take the girls to the new “Water Park” in town. It’s basically a pool with a playground, slides, a current river, etc. So that should be fun!

I am going to take the girls home Friday night so that my husband and I can have our first weekend alone in the last two months! That should be nice, especially considering in a few weeks we will be full-time parents!

So, that is all for now. I can’t wait to see my little girls tonight!!!! :)

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Hurdles of Life said...

Enjoy!! Can't wait for my headless pics of the girls!! Or even back of the head pics!! LOL!!