Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, I had a call today from our Foster Parent Coordinator, she wanted to see if we could do respite for another little girl this weekend.  She is 8, mildly autistic, but highly functioning, we of course said yes!  So we will have her and the 5 yr old this weekend.  The 5 yr old will also be staying all next week as well.

Before the call ended she said, "So, you guys REALLY want to adopt right?"  I responded with "Yes, eventually, that is the plan."    She then proceeded to tell me about two little girls that are available for adoption.  Their current foster mom is only interested in fostering.  She likes getting them to the point that they're able to be adopted and then helping them transition.    The girls are 3 and 4, they are African American, and they're the oldest of five kids.  They have two twin brothers that are two, and they're being adopted by their foster parents.  The biggest thing Social Services wanted was a family to adopt the girls that would be sure they were always in touch with the brothers.   Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way.    They also have another baby brother that is being adopted by his birth fathers family. That baby will probably not have a relationship with the girls.  The kids all have different fathers. 

So I was pretty ecstatic when my FPC told me she thought that my husband and I would be a wonderful match for these girls.  I think she really wants them in a home with no other kids so that we can focus closely on their progress and bonding.   

We will see what happens!  They're coming August 7-14 for respite to see if it is a good match for us and them.   I am cautiously optimistic at this point though. 

More news to come!


Kate said...

Wonderful news! Have fun this weekend!

T Lee said...

Awesome! Fingers crossed!