Friday, July 9, 2010

What Was I Thinking!?!?

Well,  we had a call today for an emergency respite.  The other provider got sick, and they needed someone within a few hours and apparently everyone else was full.  So of course we said yes, because we would hope someone would take our girls if we had already planned a weekend away. 

So we have two little boys 3 and 4.  They function on much lower levels than their ages.  They're autistic and have limited verbal skills.  Little Miss is here until tomorrow night and man will I hate to see her go.  She is such a good girl, and I know I will be part of her life.  Her mom and I have become close friends over this week.  She is very excited for us to get our girls.

The plan is that we will be doing respite next weekend for our two girls.  I can't wait to meet them!  :)

I will fill you in as the weekend progresses and I have a moment to breathe.

Right now my husband is on a Walmart run for some weekend essentials.

Good times!


T Lee said...

You were thinking- how can I resist! I'm glad you had fun with Little Miss, and hope these boys are just as much fun!

Also, I don't know if you have experience with autistic toddlers- but with my little one- lifeis a lot easier if you keep things they might frequently want (favorite snacks, etc) where they are visible (NOT reachable- I repeat NOT reachable! Lord, the mess, lol). That way they can point and show you things they want. It avoids a LOT of meltdowns.

Good luck!

QuackenBaby said...

Yep! We have a snack drawer where they can choose things, they actually do very well with "No" and honestly, you can't leave them out of your line of sight. Between my husband and I, one of us is always with them.