Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes We Just "Click"

As a follow-up to my last blog... tonight my girls were both AWESOME!  (knocking on wood)

MK had therapy, and since she's not able to shop with me right now, I dropped her off at daycare afterward so that I could run to Wal-mart.  I was back to pick both girls up within 30 minutes.

We arrived home around 4:30.  I told them if they could shower, wash their hair, put on lotion, and eat dinner by 5:30, then we could watch "Megamind" tonight.

THEY DID GREAT!!!!!  It was so nice!  No yelling, no fussing, no fighting...just compliance the full night.

We watched our movie, they went to bed, and I sat on the couch and SMILED!

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Last Mom said...

LOVE those kind of nights! We're having that kind of week and it is awesome.