Wednesday, March 30, 2011

G'night and G'mornin' To Ya!

Our Tuesday morning was AFWUL!   Tantrums and all!  Not my idea of fun.

Then Tuesday night rolled around and it was REALLY GOOD!  We had tears from MK because she "thought" she was in trouble for getting a "Yellow Face" :-/ at school.   She talks a lot and sometimes forgets to stop even when she's been asked to stop several times.  It was short lived.  We try to leave school at school.

Layla was in a delightful mood.  They ate their dinner, cleaned their rooms, and MK read Junie B. Jones while Layla layed on her bed  mattress on the floor and wrote her letters on the pad of paper I unearthed when I cleared her room of all things "breakable." 

The best part about Tuesday night was I was able to use a MARVELOUS  Love and Logic (L&L) delayed consequence on her.   Over the weekend we had 4 tantrums.  Not including the Tuesday morning tantrum. 

So 4 days, 5 tantrums = not good for Layla's social life! 

She brought home and invite for a PARTY her friend is having on Saturday.   I sat her down on the couch and we sort of did a "week in review" about how she's been feeling, acting, treating others, and how she ruined the last "party" she went to (MK's) by throwing a fit when she didn't get her way (it's not my party and I'll cry if I want to?!?). 

After our conversation, I asked her... "Would you like to accept my NO for going to the party, or will you be choosing to throw a fit about it?"   To my surprise... SHE ACCEPTED THE NO!!!!  :)

Bedtime was a breeze.  We were going to bed at 7:30, but due to the obvious need for more rest, we went back to ol' faithful 7:00 last night. 

This morning they were both in good moods.  MK's focus was off because her medicine hadn't hit her system yet.  Overall though, it was a GREAT morning. 

Fingers crossed for no post-therapy regression this afternoon!


Last Mom said...

Love those kinds of evenings and mornings! We are on week 2 of no meltdowns and it has been amazing! It's like vacation!

DeeChloRox said...

I used delayed consequences all of the time!!! It's the one thing that diffuses a tantrum and allows the child to be rational! Cool!