Monday, March 7, 2011

Lazy Pee

I know this will come as a surpise to many... but the one thing I HATE more than laundry... is laundry that smells like urine! 

Maybe if I had a laundry room that look something like this I would feel more encouraged to spend time in there.  I don't though, so I just don't enjoy laundry much.

Last night, I (as well as my husband) tossed and turned and finally fell asleep around mid-night.   Well, about 12:30, MK decides to thrash around in her bed thunking her head against the wall.  My husband gets up to find her room overcome with urine odor.  

Once again, MK had wet her pull-up, in turn, it leaked onto her bed.  This happens most nights these days.  Even though she went for over a month without wetting back around January. 

He sent her to the bath, at this point I am wide awake and "PISSED" OFF!  

I finally enter the bathroom and tell her to hurry up bathing so that she can get back to bed.  Then I told her, there  was just no way she didn't know she was soaking wet with pee.  Her bed was damp, so I knew it had been hours since she wet herself.   I get wetting from a bad dream, what I don't get is laying and sleeping in it. 

I then told her, "There just isn't a way for you to make me believe that you weren't just being lazy and deciding to lay in your own urine!"

Then, get this, SHE ADMITTED to just being lazy.  She said she does that a lot... as in wets herself and sleeps in it... ON PURPOSE!  

I was so over it.  I explained (with tears) that laudry is a lot of work.  Missing sleep makes me feel grumpy.  I just don't get it. 

So at the end of this, I told her no more pullups.  She uses them as an excuse to be lazy and it is beyond disgusting.   I did my best not to shame her, but in my half-wakened state, I was beyond angry. 

Since I have to wash the sheets whether or not she is in a pull-up, I am taking the pull-up away. 


Marigold said...

I have a lazy pee-r also. I finally gave up and gave her her own laundry basket and she does her own sheets and PJs. I even make her clorox wipe off her mattress cover to keep it sanitary. However, in keeping with the laziness, she would sleep every night in pee smelling sheets f I let her so I implemented the every other night sheet change if she hadn't changed it yet.

Suzanna said...

My 5 year old FD has been peeing the bed once a week for the last 3 months. Two of her older siblings also pee the bed nightly. She told me that when she was with her mommy they would go to sleep without blankets and sheets. When they wet the bed they would move the pillow to a new spot so their hair wouldn't get wet. I was totally disgusted by this. How can someone let their child sleep in their own urine night after night without helping them clean up.

I put "go to the bathroom" on her chore list and explained that if she wets it she cleans it. Usually if I forget to tell her to go she remembers because she wants the sticker. She has not had an accident in 2 weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for keeping this blog. I am so new at this and still trying to figure things out on my own. I like seeing an experienced mom's take on things.

Acceptance with Joy said...

I have so been there!!!

When the twins came a week after their 6th birthday we started on potty training and I figured I'd work on the night training later when they had success in the daytime...

Well three months into the worst nightmare of my life called potty training two screamers who didn't want to be potty trained, I caught little Miss having wet her pull up right after I put her to bed. I determined there and then that I would NEVER GIVE HER THAT EXCUSE AGAIN! A few weeks later I took Buster's pull up away, too.

Since then they have each wet the bed once and that happened to be when they were awake. I had them get up and take all the sheets off their beds and take care of the laundry and replace the sheets themselves. It was more work than they ever cared to have to do again. END of problem.

Now the daytime peeing... that went on for months :-) I consistently had them wash the clothes by hand and get into their pjs. Buster eventually had to live with a one- pair -of- pants- a- day rule and he spent many a summer day riding his bike in his underwear.

The trial is over. Thank the LORD!!!

Your little one will learn. Be encouraged! There were days when I questioned if it were possible. But the victory was theirs through perseverance on my part and strength from GOd to keep going.

Becca said...

I just want to tell you, I think you are amazing! I loved your youtube videos and want you to be my Mom. I think you have a real sweet spirit and the girls are lucky to have you. I just had a thought about the wetting of the bed...

I have been a nanny for over twenty years, I have been a lead teacher in preschool settings and worked in Central American/ Russian orphanages. I feel that with any transition there is regression.

It is nothing to be angry about as she 1) either feels safe enough to regress 2)is after weeks or months of being on her best behavior so you will love her, reverted back to pre-you traumatic/known behavior. 3)With all the new things she is learning is tired 4)could be an infantile phase... Deserving of maybe a little grace and her bed-wetting not viewed as lazy or being disobediant but needing more understanding and grace.

Laundry is easy these days- its not like our grandmothers who used a washing board or a ring washer-
take the sheets off and throw them in the washer- this behavior will exstinct itself within a few months of your care becuase you are awesome! You are kind and gentle and funloving- easily seen in your youtube video.

You are an amazing women. I loved your youtube videos's and think those two girls are lucky to have you. Change takes time as well as overcoming all the monsters in the dark- relax- by some extra sheets-give her a chance to adjust and adapt to her whole new life.

I have taken care of a nine year old who after her parents divorced wet the bed every night and was so ashamed she hid the sheets, pjs and underwair all around her room- no matter how much assurance I gave her- that it was normal to wet the bed after such a trauma and that if she would put it in the basket I would be happy to wash and maker her bed. No matter how much I tried to reassure her the shame was too much. She, to me wasnt being disobediant- she was ashamed and so I just reminded her everyday and when she left I would go get her laundry. By disciplining her I would have just increased the shame.

It has been ten years since I saw that young girl- and when she thinks of me what does she remember? Someone who understood what she was going through and applied grace and love to the situation.

jen said...

I was like,"DANG! That's your laundry room?!" Then I read on lol