Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am not sure who was luckier yesterday... MK because she received glowing reviews at our Parent-Teacher conference, or ME because I was in the therapeutic parenting zone.

After therapy yesterday MK was in a poor mood and went from 7 year old to 2 year old in about a 10 minute time span.   I will leave out all of the details, but it ended up in her stabbing me with a pencil and slapping me.  I handled it well, the "I hate you!" stuff just went in one ear and out the other.  In the end I hugged her and consoled her as she voiced her concerns that the judge will decide not to let us adopt her and that is scaring her.  I assured her the judge wouldn't be telling us no.

What helped me through that little saga?  Well, while she was in therapy, I read over some things that her teacher gave me.

One from Valentine's Day and the other was about 'How Do You Feel?'.

Valentine's Day:  

"Happy Valentine's Day to mommy and daddy I love you.  You are nise (nice) to kids and kind to kids.  You love me I love you. We love eatch (each) othr (other)."

How Do You Feel?:

"This is how I feel.  When my mommy gives me hugs I feel loving.  When I do somethings ralung (wrong) I feel guilty.  I cry when I feel sad.  When my dad or mom buy me something I feel happy.  When I get drest,(dressed) I feel proud.  When I get yelled at I feel angry.  When I watched goosbumps (Goosebumps) I was afraid.  When I go to my room I am lonely.  When it was my birthday I feeled surprised.  When I am at the stor (store) I feel bored.  When the kid came to say hi I feeled shy.  I feel sorry.  I feel jealous.  I feel confused. I feel excited. I feel embarrassed."  

In Therapy, she said that she gets angry at herself if we yell.  Also, we didn't allow her to watch Goosebumps, they watched it at daycare.

So reading those gave me hope... and we're getting closer every day!


Brandy-new rad mom said...

Ok I am sad to say that at least I am not the only one walking around with stab marks and lead poison. We can skip down that road together :)

Your forward thinking to have nice momentos to read was awesome. What a great way to help you manage you.

She can feel. Don't stop believing that.

You totally get a Therapuetic ( i can't flippin spell) Parenting A for the day!!!

DeeChloRox said...

You were very therapeutic. I don't always see past my anger. Won't it be great when you can tap into that loving/feeling child on a daily basis?

She loves you. But you knew that despite the mean words and hurtful actions. Good for you.

jen said...

Thanks for the clarification on the Goosebumps! I would be lying if I didn't think when I read that 1st part, "They let her watch Goosebumps??" lol

QuackenBaby said...

Jen, don't worry... I've already informed daycare that those types of movies are inappropriate for my kids... and we will gladly provide something more lighthearted and educational!