Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday MK!

A positive blog only!!!  

Here are my TOP 7 things I LOVE about MK!

1)  She has a goofy smile that can light up a room!
2)  She has a giving heart.  She makes me a "gift" almost every day.
3)  She is super smart!  She's gone from not knowing how to read to being above grade level in 7 months!
4)  Her love of animals is very adorable.  If the shirt has a dog on it, you can pretty much guess she wants it!
5)  She's a GREAT eater!  She picks broccoli over french fries and loves to try new things.
6)  She pays back my "energy drains" with a fantastic foot massage!  I think she could make some big bucks!
7)  Even on her darkest days I can give her a hug and talk about things in the end and she opens up to me about her feelings.  Sometimes I'm not 100% sure that she is being truthful, but she gets to see that talking is better than acting it out... and she talks a lot more these days. 

I love you MK!  I see through all of the hurt to the little girl inside that has so much potential to do amazing things with her life!  


Last Mom said...

Happy Birthday to MK!!!

MamaSalmon said...

Happy Birthday MK.!!!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday, MK! Keep lighting up those rooms for decades to come!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday MK! You are so super special!!!!!!

DannieA said...

I hope you guys had a fun time! Happy Belated Birthday