Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Cool-Down Zone!

Layla has been having a tough time with her emotions and behaviors lately.  We will say 50% is age appropriate testing.  She wants to see what will happen if she "bucks" the system.  The other 50% is certainly trauma induced.  Because many children throw fits, tantrums, etc.   But not all children plot out how they plan to kill you during the tantrum. 

I am not sure what she is processing, I don't know if it is just her personality trying to develop, I just don't know.   What I do know is I am OVER IT!   I am sick of her refusal of "no, stop, please don't".   The words "I don't want to"  or "Yes you will"(directed at me) make my blood boil!

So, in an effort to help her regulate her emotions, and work on her "happy face"  I saw this at ROSS the other day and bought it for her.  I set it up last night in her room (because if she's really pitching a fit, she can't be out with the dogs in the living area)  and we did a few "practice" runs of her getting mad and me asking her to take a break in the "Cool-Down Zone".  

She did very well last night during practice, but this morning she was in a "my way or the highway" defiant mood... and sadly for her this momma doesn't have a highway option.   We will continue to practice tonight over and over a few times to get her into the groove.  I do think it will work, because it's like a cocoon with little distraction. 

I will keep you posted!


Last Mom said...

Leslie is a hider when she's truly having big feelings and not tantrumming for control and attention. Closets, the pantry, under the coffee table, etc.

DannieA said...

I have a "chill out spot" for my toddler...we don't deal with the RAD or ODD but we deal with high frustration and short tempers. Last night was not a good night for us.

I'm hoping this cool out zone works for you!!!!!!!

DeeChloRox said...

I hope it works for you. In our house, that safe zone would be flying at my head or down the stairs during a tantrum! :)