Friday, March 11, 2011

Choco, Googling, Space and Pee!

This morning was a really good for the girls and I.  Maybe the "done talk" helped?   So I woke up and knew they were already awake.  I step into the hallway, and Layla's light was off.  I look over to MK's room and there laid my two girls in bed together and MK was reading to Layla.  She was reading "A Mother For Choco" .  It was a very sweet little scene. 

The girls got ready for school quickly, and as they were brushing their teeth, Layla took some water into her mouth to rinse things out.  MK proclaimed, "Layla, you're supposed to GOOGLE it, not just spit it out!"  I just had to chuckle. I didn't even correct her with, "It is gargle honey."

On the way to school today was "Space Day."  We listened to "Rocket Man" and imagined STOP signs were Mars, Christmas Trees were aliens, and empty farm fields were Jupiter.  It was a lot of fun!

Monday is "Yellow Submarine" day!

The new rule for the girls is that if their butts are in their car seats at 7:20, they split a piece of gum for the ride to school.  Gum is naturally calming for them, so we have a delightful time.

In other news, MK has not wet once since the great pull-up debacle!  We've been waking her at 10:00 when we go to bed to take her to the potty.  She's went every night, and woken up dry the next morning.

So overall, it was a good morning!


Larks Nest said...

You have a cute story.... I loved stumbling upon it.

I am doing a foster mama feature on my panel and would LOVE if you joined us. Email me at and I will give you all the details and such.

Princess Isabelle's Corner said...

What a fun blog post. I love how in tune you are with your girls. Thanks for sharing. :)