Friday, April 1, 2011

You Gotta Keep Em' Regulated

This week, my husband and I finally broke down and entered into the world of "Smart Phones".   We were paying WAY too much for no features with Verizon, so we decided to give Boost Mobile (Sprint without a contract) a shot. 

We bought Blackberry phones and let me tell you THEY ARE AWESOME! 

We get unlimited talk, text, web, e-mail, and IM for $60 a month!   Plus when you pay on time, every 6 months you drop DOWN $5 on the plan.   So in 18 months, we will just be paying $45 a month!

The phones are awesome, but the thing I want to talk about today is how one phone can regulate a child!

We have therapy on Wednesday for one and Thursday for the other.  Wednesday when I was in talking to Dr. P, I let MK use my phone to listen to Pandora Radio.  When she came into the room, Dr. S commented on how calm she seemed. 

Thursday, I take Layla to therapy and while we waited on Dr. R, Layla curled up to me and we watched some Youtube videos.  This was the first time she didn't run and hide when Dr. R came downstairs and she was really calm and regulated for their entire session.

So, I think I might be on to something here.  I am curious if others use electronic devices to help regulate their kids?  

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Last Mom said...

We don't have any gadgets. I do try to make sure she brings her DSi to appointments, though. She likes to use it to write back and forth with me. We just pass it back and forth. Low tech texting.