Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Has Anyone Seen My Patience???

I’ve been in a bad mood for the last day. I guess it is the stress of leaving my job. Some days I feel like this place truly won’t function without me, other days I know it will have to!

Our weekend was pretty good. MK got extensions box-braided into her hair on Sunday. It took 6 hours! She sat like a calm angel the whole time. No lunch, no pee breaks, no screaming “ouch!” when it hurt. She was AWESOME!

Yesterday when I picked her up at daycare the very front extension was out because she said she tried to un-tangle it. This was of course AFTER I told her not to touch, brush, etc. It was barely hanging on to her little baby-fine hairs in the front. I had already been to the store for groceries, pharmacy for medicine, and work all day with co-worker drama, and I was exhausted by the time I got to the kids. I flipped my lid over a damn hair extension! You would have thought she told me she was pregnant or had failed a grade or something horrible that I wasn’t prepared to hear!

I was in NO mood to be therapeutic. I was D-O-N-E. This of course triggered something in the child it had nothing to do with. While in the bathroom working on MK’s braid, Layla proceeded to try and ride my basset-mix Brooke like she was a horse. I heard “Ya-ya giddy up” and peeked around the corner to find her at that point dragging Brooke by her collar. She admitted to me after that she had sat on Brooke’s back.

She started a tantrum because she knew she was wrong, and she was now in trouble for being mean to the dog (this is a HUGE oh-no-you-didn’t in our house). And of course in typical Layla tantruming fashion, IT WAS BED TIME! So she went into tantrum-ODD mode and finally after about 45 minutes she went to bed.

This morning didn’t go much better with MK. She literally sat on the potty for 20+ minutes…20 minutes… ugh!

All of yesterday and this morning just renewed my faith in the fact that I need to stay-home full time. Their stress, my stress, my husband’s stress is too much for me to handle because I can’t focus on it because of all of the other barriers. I’ve been a working mom for 8 months now, and I am telling you, I have an amazing appreciation for single mothers that are left with no choice but to work. I also have an amazing appreciation for my crazy awesome husband.

Oh, did I mention that he has an interview 3 hours away today, and if he gets the job WE’RE MOVING (once we finalize)?!?!? Yes, that has added to the stress a little too!


Hurdles of Life said...

oh hunn.. (hugs)

Last Mom said...

So glad you can stay home. I am still trying to brainstorm my way to do the same! Doubtful, though, since I am the main bacon bringer. And LeLe does LOVE her bacon!