Monday, April 18, 2011


We get to sign our "intent to adopt" paperwork on Thursday at 2:00!   I am so excited to get us a step closer to finalization. 

I have so many things I really want to blog, but I will admit I have fallen into a slight depression.  I have about zero energy to do much more than parent and wash clothes.  The only reason I wash the clothes is because my kids need clean underwear and socks.  I tried the "buy em an extra pack" thing, but then I piled up two weeks of laundry. 

I started an anti-depressant and I hope the "fog" clears soon.  I am just un-motivated right now.  It will be alright though. 

My last day at work is Wednesday, MK is home sick, I am working from home today, we're going to Florida for a week, then we get back for two days and my husband leaves for a new job in Raleigh, NC.  Needless to say, I'm a little on the edge right now.

So I promise to blog more soon.  For now I will be happy that we're getting closer to the end!

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Last Mom said...

Very exciting!!!
You have a ton going on right now! No wonder you are overwhelmed!

I have awarded you
The Versatile Blogger award! See my blog for instructions if you accept!