Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Helper

When MK is not processing her traumas, she is SO delightful to have around.  Cuddly, sweet, kind, and VERY helpful. 
This morning, she really wanted to clean the bathroom before she took her nap.  She wasn't fighting the nap, she just wanted to help.  I will say, she did a GREAT job!  She even organized the sink area. 

She took her nap (unlike her sister who decided a tantrum suited her better than sleep) and woke up.  We watched some cartoons on Netflix, and then it was time for dinner to get started.   She said she wished she could help, and daddy agreed to let her pitch in. 

Instead of jumping right into helping, she took a bath, got dressed, did her hair, and then she was ready.  She was obviously VERY excited. 

We're trying out the new charcoal grill tonight on some Beer Brats and Grilled Corn! 

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Anonymous said...

What a Doll. :)