Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Normally, I L-O-V-E change.  I'm the one who buys a new couch every 6 months, rearranges furniture all of the time, has moved more times than I can remember, decided to adopt two kids!  Now though, change doesn't come so easy for our household.  Change typically means "trauma" for my girls, so when they see change, they act-out. 

With that said, we're about to go through some MAJOR changes in our family.  My husband accepted a job 3 hours away.  He will be working away all week starting the first part of May.  So the girls and I will be here all week and he will come home on the weekends.

The job pays great, we will buy a house in Raleigh (or near by), we will be able to slowly move things down, and once the girls are officially adopted, we will all be back together full-time again.  

Thankfully, in all of this, I will be staying home full-time.  So during the day I can energize before the ladies come home. 

I guess it is better to test this little idea out now over later.  So far they've taken it pretty well.  Both are sad and will miss their dad during the week.  We have Skype though, and they normally only see him in person an average of 20 minutes each night... so here's hoping it isn't too hard on them!

Bring on the U-Haul!  :)

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Last Mom said...

So excited for you guys! Lots of big, good stuff coming your way!