Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Florida... we're coming for you!

I finally told the girls this morning we're taking a trip to Florida for their spring break.  They were excited until I said, "Daddy isn't coming it will just be us girls."    They quickly turned around and were excited again though.  

My dad is flying up and riding down with us, then riding back and flying back home.   I think we would be fine without him, but after MK pulled her in public run-away tantrum while in Raleigh, NC I can't trust that I could handle one of those again by myself.   Thankfully my husband was there for that one.

While we're in Florida we get to meet my GREAT friend Last Mom and her daughter "Princess".   Princess was adopted last year by her LAST family and I am very excited for her to meet my girls so that they can see that adopted life is pretty much the same as foster life.  Minus the case worker visiting. 

I hope that Princess will be happy to meet them and tell them about her life with her forever family!

I will also get to see my friend from high school that is also in the process of adopting from foster care.  She is a wonderful person and will be a fantastic mother.  She meets the little boy and little girl she and her husband (also a friend from high school) will hopefully be adopting today!!   They are going to meet at a park and get to know one another.   I am VERY excited for them, and for the kids.  They don't know it yet, but these two are going to make amazing parents! 

So while we are in Florida outside of seeing friends and family, I plan to take the girls to Universal Studios Island of Adventure to SEUSS LANDING!   They absolutely LOVE Dr. Seuss!   Layla can't "read" very well yet, but she has "Green Eggs and Ham" memorized!  

We leave on April 22nd and will be down there for a week.  I am so excited and I hope the girls are in happy, sweet, kind moods for the whole trip. 


Sarah said...

Good luck! I hope that it is fantastic, and you all build happy memories together. :)

Last Mom said...

Can't wait!!! I have to work late that Tuesday and Wednesdsay nights, but we are open the weekends or any other evening!