Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's The Time...

of the season for LOVING!!! 

Overall, this was a great week of LOVE here at our house.  The girls did well in school and at home. 

Layla has started her play therapy sessions, and it was pretty obvious that after therapy on Thursday, she was processing... BIG TIME!  She had a major melt-down right after and was just "off" the rest of the day.   This was probably one of the bigger melt-downs she's had in awhile, which says to me she really had some big feelings about what therapy brought up.   She was back to normal the next day, but I know it caught both she and I off guard. 

As for our older little one... she started Zoloft instead of Prozac about a week ago.  She's had some rage episodes plus general combative and irrational behaviors, and we think that the Prozac might not have been agreeing with her.  So far this week, she has been a little better.   We still have a long road ahead of us in her healing, but I am very pleased with the progress she is making. 

Layla's healing really started day one with us.  MK's healing has begun more over the last two months. 

MK doesn't like to be wrong.  In fact, the essence of her being is that she CAN NOT EVER BE WRONG!!!   Which just doesn't settle well with us adults that truly do know more than she does.   If you tell her no, or stop, she always has this elaborate story as to "why" she was doing what she was doing.  The other really annoying thing is when you tell her she was doing something she shouldn't have been and she says, "I know I was just..."  argh!  It grates at my nerves! 

We're getting there.  I try to back off some, but at the same time I have to stay somewhat firm with her because she already feels/thinks she is a grown-up.

That's all for now! 

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