Friday, December 31, 2010

Five Years Married!

Wow... I can not believe that my husband and I have been married for FIVE YEARS!  I feel like sometimes we live life in fast forward, but then we slow it down at times too. 

Having our girls has proven once again to me why my husband is one of the most wonderful men I know! 

He'd rather cuddle with me than watch a sports game.

He's passionate about helping our girls with whatever trouble they might have at the moment.  Rather it be balance issues, or just needing some hugs and love. 

He still knows how to make me smile and giggle after all of these years... and is delighted when he's successful at telling a joke.

He's awful at song lyrics (even to songs he writes) but he's a wonderful "player" of many instruments.

He loves me... no matter my shape, size, mood... he does his very best to make me feel better.

He's affectionate... my girls cheer when he gives me a quick kiss... he has also helped them to feel comfortable with appropriate affection.

He knows what I am thinking before I do. 

He is my lover (and a darn good one! woohoo!), my VERY best friend, and the one and only person I can imagine spending "forever" with (and no I don't mean celebrity forever, REAL forever).

I love you honey, more today than yesterday... I couldn't do any of this without you by my side!

So happy New Year friends... and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY!! 

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Kate said...

Happy Anniversary!