Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Difficult Voice

Tonight I was cuddling my MK at bedtime.  She goes, "Mommy, I need to whisper something to you in your ear".  So I told her go head.  What she said made me SO sad for her, but SO happy she "gets" it. 

"Mommy I have this difficult voice inside of me.  The voice says, MK you're a bad kid.  You don't deserve to be loved by anyone.  You are just a big joke.  But I am telling that voice with my brain, that it is wrong and I am stronger than it so I am just going to push that voice out of my body because it doesn't make me happy".

I am hopeful that she will eventually push that voice out of her.  I explained to her for the first time tonight that she isn't the only kid that feels that way and has that voice.  That I know she is strong enough to stand up for herself.

I love those little moments where she "lets me in" to her mind. 


Hurdles of Life said...

That's wonderful.. maybe you could work on those "list two good things you did today." and feed her the cookie :D


Giorgianni said...

That breaks my heart, but as you's so good she is letting you in! What a precious moment...