Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 Good Things!

As a followup to my previous post:

In therapy this week MK, my 6 year old, was tasked with telling me the good things that happened as I fed her a cookie for giving me eye contact. 

So here were the good things.  I was very shocked she came up with this many:

1)  I got all green faces at school.

A green face means she followed the rules, did her work, and was a model student.

2)  I presented my project and my friend gave me two thumbs up!

The project wasn't due until the 28th, but I don't want her to learn the art of procrastination, so we collected some paint swatches from Wal-mart, a backer board, and some stickers. Impressed by the early arrival of her project, the teacher allowed her to present it early as well.

3)  I got to do my map of my room project with my mom and we did team work and it was fun.  I was happy she stayed home instead of going on date day with daddy.

 Normally we use Sunday as "date day" where my husband and I go out, have lunch,  run errands, and strategize on how we want to parent the kids etc.  This past Sunday our sitter wasn't feeling well, so we stayed home and hung out with the girls.   MK and I worked on her project.  It was a map with a legend, of her bedroom.  
Here is a picture of the final product. 
(I erased her full name and address from it)

4)  My mommy took me to the grocery store and I didn't even touch anything because she let me get my own cart.  But mommy told me if I run in to her with it she was taking it away.  But I didn't run into her, and I got to put things in my little cart that were for our snack drawer.  

At our local Kroger store.  They have child sized carts. 

It made our visit enjoyable.  It gave me the chance to lead her through the store.  She stayed right with me.  Her hands didn't go into sensory overload and touch everything.   As we were checking out, the cashier said, "Man, your mom is really lucky to have such a great helper."   Her face lit up like a Christmas Tree, and I said, "I couldn't agree more!"

5)  My mom cuddled with me and it helped make my heart heal.

I wish every day that her heart was healed fully and couldn't ever be broken again.  It made me feel good to hear this from her, because it means she really does see that I am trying to help her. 


Mom of Many on the Road said...

It breaks my heart that their hearts are so broken and the little voices inside their heads tell them they are not worthy. I have adopted 7 and fostered 2 to adulthood. I'll be adding a sibling this spring. I enjoyed watching your youtube videos.

jen said...

Hello! I cam across your youtube videos on attachment games. We just brought our 7 year old daughter Kim home from the Philippines in November 2010. She has some special needs( non-verbal and global developmental delays. I read your coment on howMK's hands didn't go into sensory overload and touch everythign at the store- so my Kim. We are just figuring all this stuff out and seeking some attachment therapy. Thanks the videos and I will definitely keep up on your blog!