Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm YOUR Mommy!

Last night we had dinner with my daughter's twin brothers, as well as their first foster parents.  I was really worried about this, but I figured I needed to bite the bullet and take whatever reactions came from it.  Thankfully, there weren't any from my girls.  It was a pleasant dinner.  The FFP's couldn't believe the MAJOR difference in Layla (4 year old).  They just kept saying they've never seen her so well behaved.  She stuck right by my side the entire time. 

I told her that it was ok for her to visit and talk and have fun, but I am her mommy, so she needs to listen to me, and the boys need to listen to their mommy.  She was an angel!  :)

This made me see that she is mine!  No one can change that now.  She sees me as HER mommy!  I keep her safe!  I listen to her!  I hold her when she needs reassurance that this is forever!  

The best part about the visit was getting a TON of pictures from them of the girls.  So now I have pictures from when Layla was 2, and when Molly was 4 up until now basically.  Plus we have some great shots of the girls and the boys together, as well as the boys on their own.  We bought a scrap book and after I get additional copies and scan the pictures, we will be scrapping for days! 

So I smile because my little girl is making so much progress and she is truly healing.  She amazes me to the point that some days I can't even remember the "bad" days we had just a month ago. 

The medication is helping, and she KNOWS it is.  In fact, she will ask for her medicine when it's time because I truly believe she can tell it is wearing off because her anxiety returns. 

I know I haven't posted much about my 6 year old lately, and I really need to.  I promise we don't just ignore her!  :)   Her progress is at a bit of a stand-still, and we have a lot in the works for helping her more right now.  I think for the first time since she entered care she is finally able to start processing the trauma, the loss, and she's trying to be a kid and fit in, but she's having a tough time!

I will post about her Monday because we've had some behaviors at school and this coming week we have some new appointments to help get her back on track! 

Overall, I couldn't be more pleased.  I feel like we're finally getting into more of a groove and I see the benefits of it for both of the girls!


Sarah said...

This is Sarah (GeorgiaGirl33) from the foster-adopt boards! I sent you a private message there a while back, when you were having issues and I got your response, but I haven't had time to respond! I just wanted to say I am so happy that you guys are doing so well and so glad everything is working out for you!!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers for the last month.

And I watched your videos - they are great! I think you missed your calling. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just pointing out you used your older daughter's name

Quacken said...

Layla isn't her birth name, it was the name she chose for her adoptive name. MK is my older daughter... her name is Makayla... and they are both adopted now, so no big deal! :)