Friday, October 8, 2010

More Appointments!??!

We saw our new PCP today for our 6 year old.  Once again, I ADORE this doctor!  She has put my 6 year old on anti-depressants as well.  Which, I knew she would, because my 6 year old really needs them.  She's terribly depressed, but fights to look "together" all of the time.  I know she has to be exhausted!

In addition to that, we get to see a new Opthamologist, Podiatrist, and we get Occupational and Physical Therapy. 

She has two toes that look a bit "weird" around and on the toenail.  Her eyes, even with the glasses are at 20/40.  No wonder she couldn't read the board in class!  This isn't much of a shock, because her previous Opthamologist seemed to have a hard time getting a good "read" on her eyes.

So... now we wait for the referrals to be made and we will then go get everything checked out!

We are also requesting she have an IEP evaluation or a "Child Study". 

My husband asked me when am I quitting my job!?!?  I told him when he works full-time again.  Right now he's working 40 hours a week, but it's a contract position that might only last through the Spring.  The money is great, but the stability isn't! 

So I will just take full advantage of my FMLA and continue to work.  Thankfully, my job is very easy and relaxed!

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