Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is more of a vent/relief of frustration/update!

Every day the girls come home and my 4 yr old reminds me she had NO FITS at school, and I praise her.  Then my 6 yr old says that she didn't talk at school and I praise her.

Well, today, I picked them up from daycare because their new Adoption worker was coming for her first visit. 

My 6 yr old says she didn't talk, but she got a red-frown face!  So I asked why, and the proceeded to tell me SHE SLAPPED A BOY IN GYM!!!!!   I was fuming... because honestly, I didn't expect that behavior from her.  My 4 yr old, sure, that's her style.  My 6 yr old is a talker though and usually just voices her dismay. 

So... she is grounded, three days.  She wrote an apology letter to him that said she is SO SO SO SO Sorry for hitting him and she still wants to be his "best friend".   My best guess she has a crush because at first she called him Nicolas... then switched to Nick!  :)  Hopefully this is the first, and last time!

As for our new worker... she's just great!  Stayed almost 2 hours.  Asked the girls questions about what they like, don't like, why they like living with us, IF they want to be adopted... etc. 

It went really well, and the girls just kept asking her when they could be adopted. 

When she left my 4 yr old sat in my lap and told me she likes Ms. A better than Ms. J (her old CW).  She then told me, "I get to be your daughter forever".  How sweet!

Sounds like we should be able to finalize next March if we would like.  The girls have to pick there new names by next month so they can get the paper work going.  I believe we will wait to actually finalize once school is out (if possible).   Because I know my 4 yr old wants to change her name, my 6 yr old will probably keep her 1st name the same though. 

Tomorrow I plan to update on other stuff!

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