Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meds and Docs

Well, this week we started with a new PCP.  She is wonderful!  One of those doctors that you just know cares so much about their patients. 

Our 4 yr old went Wednesday, doctor prescribed an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication.  It's called Mitrazapine.  We did a full pill the first night, went to bed without a fuss and slept all night.  This morning she was a bit of a zombie though, so doctor told us to take her down to 1/2 a pill to see if that changes things. 
She gave us her direct (home) email and asked me to go ahead and email her the details on our 6 year old prior to her visit Friday (tomorrow) morning.  

I did just that, and she wrote me back to let me know that she certainly sounds very depressed and we will talk more Friday. 

It feels so nice to have a doctor you trust!  Plus she is very close with the girl's therapists, so they can all talk and compare notes.

We were a bit late to therapy yesterday morning, so instead of the EMDR, she went ahead and did some attachment therapy.  At first my 4 yr old seems uninterested, but she quickly warmed up.  Our therapist is very chipper and talked in a cute funny voice.  My 4 yr old in her blunt fashion looked at her and said, "Why you talkin' weird for?"  (yes she said it like that). 

We did a few of the things at home last night again and she loved it! 

I hope she feels even better soon with medication and proper therapy in place. 

I will update everyone on how our 6 yr old's visit goes Friday! 

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