Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sad Day... Please Be Thankful!!!

First, the sad day wasn't ours. 

When I was TTC I was a member on the What To Expect forums.  I met a friend there named Lindsay, and she and I were both from Virginia, and pretty much in the same time line for appointments etc. 

We went on and stopped fertility treatments to adopt.  Lindsay and her husband did a cycle of injections and an IUI, and they conceived twin boys.  So very very sadly, just a month from her deliver date, with all of the plans made, Lindsay was in a terrible car accident!  She has many broken bones, but is on the mend physically.  Sadly, one of her prematurely delivered twin boys did not survive.  I am just so sick over this and completely heartbroken for she and her family.  I can't even imagine how she feels and my eyes well up with tears every time I think of her situation.   Please keep her family and her baby that is still trying to thrive in your thoughts. 

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