Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Inquiry!

Well, today I went to a state close to me that has a little more up to date photolistings.   I saw the newest sibling set they had listed and we put in our inquiry on them.   I realized that it has been just over a month since we inquired on the two little girls in the same state.   I am really hoping that we get some information back on either of these sibling groups.  We certainly don't see to be getting much local foot traffic!

On a more positive note, we had some friends over for dinner to celebrate my husband's 34th birthday!  It was a very nice night and we enjoyed catching up.  I always love discussing fostering with people that are not familiar with "the system".  

That is all for today!  I am exhausted and ready to hit the hay!  Tomorrow we're taking my 12 year old sister to see Toy Story 3.  I just wish we had kids of our own to take.

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House Queen said...

Hey sweetie! Check out my blog to see what you won!!! Have a fabulous day!!!