Friday, June 18, 2010

Educated? Or Edumacated?

This week we had to let one of our employees go. It was due to an unfortunate act of irresponsibility, and I feel bad for him, but at the same time, I hope he learned the lesson.

So now we have to hire a replacement.

Working in local government doesn't have the best pay in town, but our company makes up for it in AMAZING benefits (better than State employees have) and overall they give you many chances to do your job before firing even becomes an option.

My task for today is to go through applications (no resumes because that would be too much effort) and find a few suitable replacement options.

When I blog I don't always use proper grammar. This is a place for me to jot down my thoughts and feelings. I do my best, but I don't always catch the small stuff. However, my resume and work applications have always been a perfect example of the level of education I have. Apparently, I am one of the few people in this town without a college degree that can still spell and punctuate properly.

Aren't we failing our youth by not teaching them the things they truly need to succeed in life?

My eyes and brain are literally hurting me after reading these applications. Out of 101 I have found three that stood out as someone I would want writing up work orders for me.

I wonder if the majority of our problem is texting and the internet? We have this new (sometimes incoherent) form of “short hand” that in my opinion causes children to be confused between what is proper and what is improper.

My friend’s daughter had her Facebook status as: “Skewlz out 4 da summa…” the other day. I posted back to her and said, “It looks like to me you didn’t pay attention the whole year”. She then replied that it was “shorter” than typing it out. ARE WE THAT LAZY? School is out for the summer, is 13 characters (including spaces) longer than what she wrote. It pains me!

It makes me a little bit sad for these people. Then I think about the children I will have in my home. The homes they will come from probably don't place much value on education. I just hope I am able to instill the desire to learn in them while they're with me.

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Hurdles of Life said...

i wholeheartedly (sp?) agree!!