Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Sick!

I had no idea we would have a household of sick people for this long!  My sweet little MK has been the only one to stay healthy.  Which shocks me because her fingers live in her mouth, and she only washes if I catch her not washing!  

So, I am still sick.  I have a lymph node under my left armpit that is inflamed and now requires some medical attention.  I will be seeing the doctor for that today.   I am also still congested and just overall very weak feeling.

My husband has some sinus nastiness!   

I had to pick up Layla from school on Wednesday because she was vomiting.  She is better, I think it was anxiety more than anything.

Her birthday coming up (Monday the 21st) has heightened her anxiety level.  Also she's gained 12lbs and grown about 2.5" since she moved in six months ago... so we're increasing her anxiety medication to see if that helps her overall well being.   She's been lying and sneaking A LOT.  We started play therapy without me in the room about a month ago, and yesterday based on the lying and anxiety issues, we decided it would be best to move back to attachment therapy for a little while more.    

As for everything else I guess I have a bunch of things to update everyone on!   

I am dropping down to part-time at my job.  I was going to quit entirely, but my Director offered me to stay part-time and work pretty much whatever schedule I would prefer.  So I am going to drop down to 15 hours a week, allowing me some social interaction, but still providing time to focus on my house a kids.

Layla's birthday is Monday the 21st.  I was going to take cupcakes to school, but it is President's Day and school will be closed.  So I think I've decided this year we will keep things small and take she and MK to have a cupcake at a local cupcake shop.  I am also planning to take her to buy some rocks for her little rock collection. I purchased her a sectioned tackle box to store her collection in.   I also bought her a "Tangled" nightgown and book.  

I want to keep it as small as possible to help her anxiety, and to keep her from thinking she's a fairytale princess that gets whatever she wants.  That just isn't realistic for the future.

We're also getting a new couch this weekend for our living room.  Currently, we have a 4-piece media chair set that just is not conducive to cuddling or being close.   Although I will miss my recliner and cup holder, I think the new sectional will be a better solution for us as a family.   Pictures soon!  

So that is all for now.  Wish us luck as we embark into the birthday/still sick weekend!  At least it is a 3-day weekend for everyone!  


Lisa said...

Lordy I hope all of y'all get better soon and that MK doesn't succumb to the nasties.

We've been in weekly attachment therapy for 4 years, 4 months and two weeks. Tried play therapy once but that so didn't work out. Some day maybe we'll graduate.

QuackenBaby said...

The main reason we moved on was to let her start processing some trauma... plus she was using the "attachment" exercises on us... LOL! So we will see if this helps her.