Saturday, February 12, 2011

Down For The Count!!!

Wow...Tuesday of last week I started having flu symptoms.  I went into work, because we had our VEMAT that day.  Wednesday, I called out of work, which I never do unless it is for my kids.  I went to the doctor Wednesday night and he confirmed it was the flu.   In all of the running my kids around town to their doctors, I neglected to get my flu shot  (big ol' natural consequence I guess).  

I had NO IDEA it would be this awful!  I've been laying around for days... I can't hear out of my right ear due to drainage... and talking is more like coughing now. 

I hope to feel better tomorrow.  I guess the girls have handled it fairly well.  Layla (4) has had a harder time because she's a momma's girl.  She wants cuddle time and I can't!  She wants me to do everything and I can't (and won't).   So she's had some emotional things but we used Love and Logic to prevent a tantrum the other night.

It's getting better for sure.  I just hope I feel back to normal soon!

Side bar... I have an absolutely amazing husband.  My girls have the World's Best DAD!  He's taken them to therapy for me, took them to the park today, chased Layla when she ran from him, and now he's making us all dinner.  He's a great Valentine to have and I am so lucky to have him as my partner in all of this!

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Colleen said...

I have to say that I don't think anyone understands how bad the flu is and why you should most definitely get the vaccine until you have had the true flu. You here people say all the time that they have had the flu. Unless they describe being knocked out of their socks and couldn't do anything, I don't believe them!!!

I hope your hubbie and the girls stay healthy and you are back on your feet soon. Take it easy. The flu is awful!