Monday, July 18, 2011

This Move ROCKS!!!

Moving to NC is about the best decision we've ever made.  I love it here!  There is so much to do (hence the lack of blogs lately). 

Most of all, we've made all of these new great friends!  With kids!  And my girls finally know what it's like to have a neighbor to play with.

Speaking of my girls... have I mentioned how amazing they are doing?  I mean absolutely, completely, amazingly different kids than the kids I blogged about a year ago. 

This move was very much a fresh start for all of us as a family.  They have new names, a new school, new house, new parents... and it totally freed them! 

They are just incredible. 

With that said, we are going to be starting back into therapy soon.  Not because of anything in particular happening, but we need to keep their medications in place, and continue to build their skills at managing their emotions so that within the next 18 months we can wean them off of their anxiety medications.   Their doctor is supportive of staying on for now, and if we remove them and have issues, she is more than happy to keep them on longer, but we're hoping by that point they will both have the security and confidence to be weaned. 

So yea... I don't have much else to say I guess... school has started, they love their classes and teachers.  I love their new school. 

We're all just really happy!   A year ago, I didn't think we'd ever get to this place we're all in...but we did!  The H-A-R-D work paid off!!!!  As we all know though, our work is never done! 

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Lisa said...

So happy for all of you that the move has been a good one. Oh the joy of having so many good days.