Saturday, July 23, 2011


Since MK came to us (almost a year ago), she has always had bad dreams.  I have doctors notes dated to before her time in care that state she would bang her head and rock all of the time.  We still have those issues, but not nearly as frequently.

This weekend we are in Savannah, GA to meet my parents and pick up my younger sister for her to visit us in NC for the next 3 weeks.  Naturally, we decided to stay in a hotel to visit with family for the weekend.

Last night, I barely slept.  About every 20-30 minutes, MK would thrash around and bang her head violently in her bed.  I was HEART BREAKING!!!!   She literally looked like she was have a seizure at one point.

Finally, around 5:00am, I crawl into the bed with her to comfort her and help her get some sleep.

I don't know for sure if this happens nightly, my husband said it does.  I just makes me so sad that despite all of the happy days we have, at night, she is haunted my memories of "bad" times before us.  What do you do when the monster your baby dreams about isn't a "monster", but rather their birth family?

I asked her this morning and she said she just kept having bad dreams about her birth parents.

This mama is feeling so lucky to have such great kids, but I really wish I could make all of the bad go away.  I guess as parents we all do right?


Last Mom said...

That is so sad! As you know, we've had lots of sleep issues, too. It's so hard that we can't comfort them in their dreams!

DeeChloRox said...

Sad indeed. I read that if you talk with your child just before they fall asleep, and go through the bad recurring dream, but add another ending, it can help it go away. So you can say "Then the bad birth parents hit the kid or didn't feed the child, and out of nowhere, adopted parents came in. They looked liked Superman and Wonder Woman, and they had food. They knocked birth parents out of the way, and the kid was safe and happy." Others I know have tried it and it helped. Maybe it will help MK.

Hurdles of Life said...

have you tried the "bad guy" spray? just get a spray bottle.. add lavender and water (don't tell her its water.. put it another bottle labeled some "magic" ingredient)... have her make the potion.. and tell her she needs to spray it every night before bed. it will give her a sense of empowerment.

we also draw our bad dreams, that seems to really work.. bc if we wait till morning to discuss them.. they are long forgotten.

Good Luck!