Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess Who's 7 Year Old Wets The Bed????

NOT MINE!  :)    About two weeks ago, the straw finally broke this camel's back.  MK went to bed at 7:00, and I entered her room at 10:00 to wake her up for her nightly pee, and she was half-awake laying in a big puddle of her own urine.  I'D HAD ENOUGH!  Since we've already covered the "Lazy Pee" issue in the past, and it has continued over time, I was DONE.  In my eyes, it was no longer that she COULDN'T wake and go to the potty, it was that she DIDN'T wake and go to the potty.  She woke, went in the bed, and proceeded to lay in it.  Typically, I am empathetic, but it had grown increasing obvious that this was just her choosing to wet the bed. 

So I call my husband, and MK (for the first time) was forced to make her own bed, take her own bath, and put on fresh PJs.  I heard all about what a mean mom I am.  She stomped, cryed, screamed, flustered over trying to make her bed (which for the record she has done before).  She stood in her floor screaming, "All you ever do is work me, work me, work me... we'll it is NOT my job to make this bed, do you hear me?  Get in here an make this bed mommy.... you are stupid... and I don't have to make my bed..." 

Finally after about 10 minutes of that non-sense, I walked across the hall, looked in at her standing naked in the middle of her room crying and I said in a sweet calm voice, "You don't have to make your bed honey, but if it's not made, you can't sleep in it, so I hope you don't mind the floor."  

About 30 minutes later, I rallied the dogs to bark and took them outside.  I walked by her room, she was sitting on the bed, fully made, smiling, and she goes, "Look mommy!  I did it!"  I smiled and said, "Now go back to bed."

While all of that was going on, my husband was ordering a urine monitor on Amazon.  It is made by Malem.  It clips to her gown, and has a cord that runs down with a sensor on the end, we clip it to her panties.  She LOVES this thing.  If she were to pee, it would vibrate and make a sound. 

Here is a video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7AEh5OvcZ0

We've never had to hear the sound... because for two weeks... SHE HASN'T WET THE BED!!!   Our version sounds and vibrates.  Some models don't.   It was the best $100 we've ever spent, and I think it makes her feel more in control. 

I highly recommend it for any of you with bed-wetters! 


Kerrie said...

That sounded so familiar (although our wetting only happens while fully conscious) I broke out in hives from just reading it.

ali said...

same issue here! at the same age!. we bought this device and it worked at first, because it was NEW FUN and COOL. hes now 15. he still wets the bed. um.. good luck? youre welcome? no, really, I HOPE IT WORKS FOR HER!!!! ali(im in Oasis, year 2. im not blogging anymore, but i did until April at www.crawfordlifetimes@blogspot.com) nice to meet you! ali