Monday, May 23, 2011

We Got A Note Home!

And it said, "MK is just such a cool kid.  I really enjoy her so much!"  :)

We had a good weekend.  Yesterday we did an in-home family photo shoot thanks to our friends and their new portable studio.  It was fun and I can't wait to see the pictures! 

I started a new anti-depressant (Celexa) and my doctor also gave me Ativan to take as needed.  It's made a HUGE difference.  The Welbutrin gave me the extreme aggitation and irritability side effect.  We had a rough couple of weeks between me being crazy, triggering the girls being crazy, and my husband being away for work and unable to step in and back me up.  No one was injured... so we weathered the storm alright... but it was rocky for sure. 

Now I feel MUCH better.  I actually enjoyed my time with the girls this weekend.  Lots of cuddling and hanging out.  We wandered around on Saturday, just drove until we came to something interesting.  That landed us in Paint Bank, VA at a Fish Hatchery and then we had lunch at The Swinging Bridge.  It was just a really good day.  One of the more enjoyable days we've had in the last month.  I had my girls and my husband and I was happy! 

We're close to finalizing.  Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be done.  School is out on June 9th, and I am so happy to get to live under one roof again! 

Here is a picture of the new house.  We're renting for a year and then buying once we know the area better (and get our FAT adoption tax credit refund!)  :)


Last Mom said...

LOve, love the house!!! Can't wait to see the photos from your session! We need family photos, too.

Awesome note home!

Lindsay Mama to Nine said...

LOVE the house! Love the HAPPY to read something HAPPY!Good for you and moving is so exciting...will pray your girls adjust well!

jen said...

You've heard that every family who applies for the credit is audited though? Most families are still waiting for their money. Like it was going to be an easy process though?? lol