Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So How Was Mother's Day?!?

Well, I am happy to say my kids were GREAT!  They bought me roses, made me cards with words of love and kindness, and tried to stay out of my hair for the day.  My AWESOME husband let me sleep in until almost 11:00, even though he was only home for the weekend and was tired himself from traveling home, Mawmaw's funeral, and listening to me talk about my crazy family!

My girls made me really proud.  The cards I received from MK read:

1)  I love you The mom how (who) I was dreaming to have in my heart You are pretty.

2)  Your helpful to me. You make my heart feel happy. I love you so much!

3) Dear Mother, Thank you for cooking good food for me. Love, MK

4)  I love my mom because she protecks (protects) me and keeps me safe. She feeds me. She stays with me. She will help me when I feel sad. She gives me hugs and kisses. I love my mommy. (From MK)

So needless to say, #4 made me cry a little.  Hopefully things continue as well as they are right now.  I've been on edge since my husband is gone all week, but I am trying hard to keep my patience.  IT IS HARD!


Roxy said...

your girls are so sweet!

Lindsay Mama to Nine said...

So touching to get letters like that, what a beautiful Mothers Day!