Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Can you believe it?  We're almost to our four month mark of living together.  December 17th will be our official 4 month anniversary!  My kids are so different than they were four months ago! 

We will start with Layla.  Layla has made the most progress.  Soon she will be five years old, and she's growing like crazy!  When Layla came to us, well, if you've read my blog before, then you know how completely terrified she was.  She had PTSD RAGE FILLED tantrums daily, and now we've gotten to a pretty "normal" level of tantrums.  I would say once every two weeks TOPS!   It's amazing.  The difference is amazing.  Layla is also very attached to us.  She is so caring and loving.

Today was a big milestone for her.  She moved from attachment therapy to play therapy.  We think the play therapy is coming at the right time for her to process some of her big feelings.

We are SO HAPPY AND PROUD of the progress she has made!

Moving on to Molly.  Well Molly is moving a little slower to processing things.  Although she isn't as depressed anymore, she still has a difficult time properly expressing her emotions.  Any expression we get from her is a bit "over done" and "dramatic".  She can't just cry because she is sad/angry/frustrated.  It has to be BIG and ELABORATE!  She will stomp, slam the door, plop on her bed, do the wailing/screaming cry...  "I am just such a stupid kid, everyone hates me.  I have no one that loves me anymore.  I guess I am grounded until forever.  I can't do anything right...  stupid, stupid, stupid ME!"    I realize that might seem not too dramatic to some of you... but that is the craziness I might get from her for asking a simple thing like, "Did you finish your home work at daycare?"  or "Did you pick up the toys in your room yet?"  

We worked in therapy about the "over doing it" way of showing our emotions, and the "just right" way.  

On that note... Molly tries VERY hard.  She is doing great in school.  She is always willing to help with things at home.  Sadly, she's gone years with untreated depression and a major sensory disorder.   She certainly had some very traumatic things happen to her as a young child.  Plus, this is the first time that she's been "allowed" to be a kid.  She doesn't have to take care of her sister anymore.  That is OUR job.  

So four months in... looking back... WOW!  We have made so.... much.... progress!  But we still have a long road ahead of us. 

We're heading to Florida next week.  Can't wait!


The Momma said...

yay! Its awesome to hear that they are progressing so well!!!

The Lazy J said...

Yeah! Our kids came home almost 5 months ago, and the other day I was looking at old blog posts from the "first days," and am amazed as well at the progress we've seen, and that we survived! ha-ha! I'm hoping the worst is behind us. :)